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Prior to the establishment of 'Aristo' the creators: KRAH Ltd; the parent entity of the present group of four companies, launched 1978, was dedicated to an array of application engineering disciplines in technologies related to precision fabrication & allied commercial production. Our metallurgists in tool making department in collaboration with a couple of creative designers were assigned to evolve and standardize the metallurgy and metalization of the regional and ethnic arts and crafts.. Over the time in addition to the local regional craftsmanship new appropriate applied skills emerged. Many special techniques were developed over the years and later several were applied successfully to our projects. One of the best to quote: The metalization of the ornate Moroccan motif elements and the development of assorted compositions. We extensively applied this technique in the execution of two national heritage projects and earned a lot of appreciation. The excellent response prompted us to launch "Aristo" in 1994 as a dedicated entity to practice and expand the heritage crafts and consolidate the work perfected over two decades. As of today; we at "Aristo" feel confident to cater for the exacting demands of the world clientele through dedication; creativity; Innovation and assurance of quality at reasonable prices.

Architectural Complementaries:

Over the last about two decades successful execution of several large high exposure world class projects in consultation with reputed local and foreign masters of designing, we have attained a level of recognition as thematic designers and craftsmen. We do cherish to uphold our reputation and integrity above all. It is and will remain an unmixed pleasure to serve our discerning clientele, including the organized construction sector.

Along with the  customized services we offer a very comprehensive regularly up-graded inventory of selected designs in fabricated as well as moulded panels; motifs, and composite repeat sections for stairs and terrace railings. We do stock this type of products but in a limited volume; since new developments keep pouring in. Another area of our interior dedicated services is the design; development and manufacture of paneled composite doors and windows in designers compositions.

We are finalizing the preparatory work leading to the introduction of modular gates & railings for homes and gardens. The concept, incorporates a system of site assembly of the modules as per requirements of the sites and would need no welding. Basically snap on clamps and carbon steel fasteners would be employed and arranged to stay in place permanently. It will not be possible to undo the bolts and nuts

Design; development and manufacture of classic, functional as well as high class domestic furniture is an active area of our routine operations. We have been presenting simple economic hand forged/crafted pieces as well as extra special , ornate motif compositions complemented with wrought bar work. 

Extensive application of intricate light motifs, squiggles brass , silver and Stain less Steel trims and inlayed timber splicing adds to the value and warmth to the indoor furniture. Successful applications of inlaying mellow coloured marbles and semi precious stones like high class garnet, quartzes crystals and Aqua Maine etc have helped to add class to the conceptual furniture. 

In an other range we offer well cured and treated hardwood and walnut; carved and cut work designer compositions in classic antiqued matt finishes with lasting value and inbuilt quality. The catalogued furniture comprises of causal out door steel and spherodised heavy alloy cast garden; patio and pool side elements and modular compositions.

Interior Accessories
A vast collection of Exclusive Interior props; tooled & crafted over the time is continuously upgraded & re-stocked as a routine development process. This is an open ended development program & is allocated imported component of our development budget. Collectors pieces including all sorts of interior props are in fact short listed & selected out of the handy development of our master crafts-men.

A group of our craftsmen assigned to manufacture customized orthodox lighting systems has, over the years mastered specific trends with a regional & orthodox touch in manufacturing. Such unusual products as huge very well crafted chandeliers, matching lights and customized fixtures.

A range of utility items inclusive of the variety of screens, hand crafted fittings and finials; brackets, curtain rod ends; light weight toiletry and assorted casual stands and pedestals are catalogued. Certain local rustic crafts have also been incorporated in this range with modifications to suit today's needs.

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